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How to Beat Monsoon Blues: 40 Ways to Enjoy Rainy Days

  How to make of most of your rainy season Walk in the rain Play a sport like volleyball or football; hey, hopscotch and kho kho if you are an adventurer Cycle with friends or go solo (possibly slow too, wink wink) Learn how to Pakoda (cook) Surprise family by making hot beverages (learn how to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate it is easy) Time to indulge into some Green Tea varieties because usually water consumption is often lower in monsoon (add some clove or something if you are not afraid of experimenting, please don't put sugar in your green tea) Go for a run, it isn't crazy; it is absolutely mindblowing. I love it! Read (don't let the whole monsoon pass through by only reading, get on with some outdoor activities) Jump in the puddles of water  Observe trees and take it all in, what Mother Nature's blessing us with Write a song about those who you miss; could be for a friend, from your past relationships, present colleagues or for even your dogs and cats if you like
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Why I love Wandering Womb Podcast @Wombpodcast

There were days when I was longing to have friends like Dr. Jessica Taylor and Jaimi Shrive. Well, we all have our individuality and stuff. Okay fine. I know what all those things mean. I meant these two are so much real, full of life and their laughter lit my room with its energy.  Secretly I was longing that what if they both popped out from radio. Okay, I have connected my Saragama Radio 's bluetooth with mobile phone to get a louder sound quality, as it is I am hard at hearing; on certain days, and around selective people  Is it like, we attract our tribe? I do not know, these two women are insightful, differently vocal and extremely funny.  This podcast packs a punch within 44 minutes. It covers various snippets of their lives including women, men, patriarchal views from 200 years such as witch hunting to school days where one of the hosts started playing football in a boys' football team, as unfortunately there wasn't any girls' team.  If you are allergic to profa

Free Sex Therapy # 23 - Foreplay / Intercourse / Erectile Dysfunction

  Sex Therapy types of a post - Sanskarless post - so unfollow 😋 If you were looking for some food recipes or other mundane posts but I'll still love you so all cool.  Topic # 23 - Foreplay / Intercourse  1. Erection is beautiful but don't go in downward spiral mode if things doesn't go your way. Guy's erection is a result of several factors as most of us know, you don't need to have a dick to understand this seriously. Lol. Sorry. Moving on. 2. It affects both, especially for guys. Some who usually are aware of their body but during intercourse; they can't get it up for several reasons could be stress, medications or anything else.  3. Of course, for women too - it is a huge problem if her guy is having an erectile dysfunction. It is a physical need after all. (No shit, Einstein👀) 4. Bad Intercourse doesn't mean you ignore the idea of a good foreplay. A lot can happen over a slow and stimulating process of foreplay, so emphasizing solely on intercourse is

Summertime Companions

 When alone, he wondered why him? When accompanied, he felt boxed? He never asked people, for him - they were normal in their rights. Normal for him often seemed unusual for people, whom he forced himself to believe were normal. His confidence was as real as sunset for lovers.  His lovers were fading and resurfacing as gradually as autumn to summers. Deftly. He remembers that boat of a full moon night.  Cherishing its commitment and friendship with the sea, sand and moonlit sky.  He doesn't dream like how dreams are dreamt by dreamers and achievers of those nonfiction books.  He does add glory to his stories by following his instincts, signs and most of all - his ability to do whatever it takes to explore, know and sing along melodies of his adventures.

Pushpendra Pandya aka peculiarblend launches his podcast on Spotify

Episode 1 Flaws by Pushpendra Pandya  Please note, 1st minute is a sponsored segment and I clearly am sounding nervous so skip from 2nd minute onwards of this podcast.  Pardon my stammering, this is right off the bat without any scripts.  Revealing a wee bit about my flaws and in process helping others to accept themselves overall indirectly. Subscribe on @spotifyindia @spotify and share with friends and enemies if you liked it.  Podcast link: Thank you.   There has been endless speculation about lifestyle that I have lived since I was a teenager. Some of the old one's went as far as that I have lived at a sports ground because of my passion for sports.  I have written my short stories sitting in the cafes of Mumbai, Culcutta, Poona and Goa - I'd say, yes. But they were pubs.  For new  podcast, many old friends


Watched Tandav for @sarahjanedias and @shonalinagrani  ; so whoever's writing, intent matters. Well, 1st two episodes got me thinking whether I was watching a news channel during JNU-Shaeen Baug times.  Suddenly, I realized Everybody's jabardasti ka abusing with an awkward expression. As if some class teacher was monitoring the cast or some undercover grammar nazi was walking around the production set.  It was probably nothing but as a viewer of this tamasha  - it did feel peculiar.  Forgot that girl with googly eyes, Sana. She was nice but then being nice has only pushed her to miseries.  If I were the director, I would have given women the control of protagonists dialogues. Saif screwed it up man. Dino was oh my goodness, equally awful. No wonder both were so dumb while they had the best girlfriends with them. Dino had the gorgeous @Sandhya M as his wife, talk about irony. Director saab, what the fak janaab.  Gauhar was okay, like ok.  That comedian guy did try his best to lo

Top Reasons of Stress During COVID19: Mental Health

After counselling over 1000 hours during COVID19 pandemic some of the reasons that I have come across are as follows: Lockdown worries of clients: 1. Unanswered Calls/Msgs:  One of the clients, Sunita (name changed): "Other day, we had a huge fight because my husband; who had gone to Dmart, didn't answer my calls or even messages. How irresponsible was that. So I had to confront him." Turns out, her husband was in a queue paying  cashier, when Sujata had called and second time he was stopped by an old couple who wanted an auto rickshaw as it was difficult for them to get one.  Later client sheepishly smiled and said: I made his favourite dal and paratha at 3 a.m. to tell him how bad she reacted.  2. Everybody's after my money: A newly wed couple, who had recently moved to Mumbai from Delhi, felt stuck due to lockdown and didn't know many people in Mumbai.  Staying with each other initially felt heavenly for few months but later they started having regular misunder

Why R*dhika is Catfishing on Tinder? A True Story: Tinder Tales

 I am guessing you already know what catfishing is and if you're unsure about it, thoda bohat Google karlo naa. So there's a profile on Tinder Dating Site by the name R*dhika. Has a wayward bio with lots of fancy name dropping of authors etcetera.  You know, the impact game. Heh! O.k. Few things she does are as follows: - Talks that nobody understands here - She's okay and strong about it  - She's a realist, rather a hardcore. WTF this even mean. Who are the rest; delusionals. - Previous boss framed her with political vendetta as R*dhika was straightforward. - She's battling a serious illness but hates it when you say stuff like "you're strong" and will lecture the hell out of you.  - Asks for serious relationship without having any actual conversation and then says; you're gaslighting because God knows why. - Has constant negative thoughts about the world outside and past experiences but if anybody's putting across their thoughts; she flares o

Key Ingredients of The Best US Election Speech 2020

 Key points of Vice president @KamalaHarris 's first speech after winning the #Election2020   - Exceptional speech preparedness  - Genuinely smiling with grace - Hopeful assurances  - Comprehensively thanked all - Rapt attention from crowd

Clients Feedback: Psychologist in Mumbai India Pushpendra Pandya

 Some of the feedback shared by clients who are taking mental health counseling from psychologist in Mumbai Pushpendra Pandya are as follows; Mental health counseling provided psychologist and life coach Pushpendra Pandya includes individual counseling sessions, couples counseling sessions, counseling sessions for parents ( parenting counseling consultation), divorce related counselling, low confidence, domestic violence related counseling, LGBTQ Counseling and corporate clients counseling for their teams and management.